about us

SpaceFabrik is an Architecture and Design office located in Manila built on providing comprehensive services to our Clients from Concept to Project completion.  

We  understand  our client’s vision in depth. From concept, aesthetics, operations, cost  efficiency and overall long term project success. 

We thoroughly analyze issues and go through intelligent and meaningful discourse to come up with innovative and creative solutions.

We build on the strength of our Team’s experience in design, teaching, research, project management, documentation and construction technology. 

Our projects are a result of design collaborations which are influenced by local and international knowledge, research, and technology as well as understanding the importance of interdisciplinary strategies

We aim to create Architecture which understands the poetics of place and Space that exists within, throughout and beyond its boundaries. We seek to create Spaces and Places that weave rich and complex underlying Fabrics. Architecture that tells a narrative between space, fabric, user and experience

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Stephanie Tan-Branquinho completed her Masters of Architecture at the Bauhaus in Dessau Germany where she focused on algorithmic methods, biomimetics and theories that bring sociology, anthropology, psychology and critical theory into the understanding of architectural spaces and processes. She graduated with highest honors with her paper on “Diaspora Space” where wrote about finding identity through space and architecture .

She then moved to Berlin and worked for HSH Architektenin Berlin and later to London for Sir Norman Foster | Foster + Partners where she worked on several multi-billion dollar projects such as Bab Al Bahr in Morroco, West Kowloon Train Terminal, Hong Kong which was a partnership with Arup which explored Generative geometries and Engineering concepts.